Trade Mining Express Search

When you need to get quick intelligence on U.S. ocean import, Trade Mining Express Search is what you need. Express Search uses a cutting-edge search engine technology that delivers unparalleled keyword search in terms of speed and accuracy.

Search Features
Express Search offers access to the twelve most recent available months of US waterborne import data reported by U.S. Customs. With Express Search you can search the twelve months using:

Trade Month – This field represents shipments arrival date. You can select one to three months.
U.S. Importer Name – Users can enter an importer full name or keywords.
U.S. Arrival Port  - Users can select one or multiple U.S. ports from an intuitive list.
Supplier Name – Users can enter a foreign supplier full name or keywords.
Foreign Port – Users can select one or multiple foreign ports from an intuitive list.
Product – Users can enter product keywords such as frozen food or textile.
Product Country of Origin – Users can select one or multiple countries from an intuitive list.
U.S. Importer State – Users can select one or more states from an intuitive list.

Trade Mining Express delivers up to 5,000 matching shipments per search

Reporting Features
Trade Mining Express offers users a choice to generate one or more reports on the search result:

Top U.S. Importers: The top 10 US importers ranked by total weight in metric ton.
Top Suppliers: The top 10 shippers to the US ranked by total weight in metric ton.
Detailed Report: Detailed listing of the bill of lading of every shipment in the search result. This report is limited to 5,000 shipments and is available as PDF, Excel or CSV downloads.

Pricing and Search Retention
Trade Mining Express pricing structure is based on the number of shipments returned by your search. After you have paid for the search, you can generate any number of reports on the result as many times as you need. The system will always save the last generated report of each report type for 1 year. You can also rerun your search in a later session as long as the trade months included in your search are still available in the system. We hold only the most recent available 3 months. Purchased searches and previously generated reports can be accessed through 'MyProfile' page.

Price brackets for shipments in the search result.
Shipments from 1 to 500
$99.0 total price (minimum charge)

Shipments beyond 5,000 will not be included in the detailed report. These can be used for ranked reports only.

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Custom Reports

If you need advanced report criteria or custom design please do not not hesitate to contact one of our analysts at (734) 720-1830 and we will be glad to help you. Our custom reporting service can be provided on one time basis or as periodical reports delivered to you electronically via email or many available secure communication protocols in a variety of formats as PDF, Excel or XML. Custom reports can include advanced shipment data such as TEU and US Final Destination.